Chris and wife


Chris Fuller is the owner of NCL along with his partner Jeremy Mattingly. Chris is a successful businessman in the Auto industry from Louisiana. As a family man, he and his family have always enjoyed the great outdoors and fishing. Chris began fishing crappie tournaments in 2019. He was recently partners in the American Crappie Trail. Chris states, “Our goal is to support and promote crappie fishing anglers, sponsors and local lake communities where tournaments are held. We want to do things right and we want to become a true national trail.


Jeremy Mattingly is a partner of NCL with Chris Fuller. Jeremy is also the host of On The Hook TV and owner of Crappie Monster. Jeremy spends most of everyday of his life promoting crappie fishing. He has been a top ranked competitive angler on the national level for years. He is stepping back from competitive fishing to help the dawn of a new era in competitive fishing through being a Tournament Director and MC of the National Crappie League.

Paul Alpers

Paul Alpers is the NCL Director of Sales-Tournament Director. Paul has over 28 years in crappie tournaments. Paul’s experience spans across the crappie fishing industry having been sales director-tournament director of Cabela’s CUSA then owner of Bass Pro Shops Crappiemasters tournament trail. He has won 2 national championship one in 1984, then in 2017. Paul hosted Bass Pro Shops Crappiemasters TV show for 6 years and has been a champion of kid’s fishing rodeos and scholarships. He was inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2016 for his many years of accomplishments.

bobby Brown Photo

Bobby Brown is NCL’s Digital Graphics and tournament assistant. Bobby has over 14 years experience in the crappie tournament trail industry. He was partner in Bass Pro Shops Crappiemasters tournament trail, working all aspects of the trail. He also worked with Cabela’s Crappie USA trail, Cabela’s King Kat trail and helped with the American Crappie Trail in recent years.”