Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of NCL?

Yes. All team members must be a member of NCL to participate in any NCL event.

What are the membership fees?

• Memberships are $50.00 per person per year
• $40.00 per year if a veteran or a current military member
• Family Package is $75.00 for immediate family (2 people) which is a Parent/Son or Daughter over 16 or a Husband/Wife team

What is the entry fee for a tournament?

• Division I events, the entry fee is $300.00
• Open events, the entry fee is $500.00
• Championship Division I entry fee is $500.00
• Championship Open Division entry fee is $1,000.00

Are there late fees?

• In the OPEN DIVISION – There are NO LATE FEES, but you can NOT sign up at the pre tournament meeting.

• In the DIVISION 1 events – There are NO LATE FEES,  and you can register at the registration/pre tournament meeting.

What is the difference between a Division I and Open Division tournament?

• In an effort to keep competition at a fair level, we have two divisions. The open division is open to all regardless of previous placements and amount of money the team has won in the last two years at major crappie tournaments. Many consider these anglers pro level or seasoned anglers and a very competitive field.

• Division I tournaments are for the average/everyday anglers to compete against others. It is also for the seasoned anglers that have not been placing high in major events and/or have not won much money at those events. These are excellent tournaments for the everyday average angler to get experience in crappie tournament fishing, compete against those closer to their level of experience/ ability, and to have some fun.

• Major crappie tournaments are American Crappie Trail, Crappiemasters & Crappie Expo. Only two trails have had amateur events. These are CUSA Amateur Division and 2022 ACT Amateur events. If you have fished one of those events including CUSA Pro and placed in top 5, you can still fish NCL Division I events UNLESS you have earned $5,000 or more in the previous two years.

Can I fish both Division I and Open Division tournaments?

Yes. Anyone can fish an Open tournament regardless of how much money they have won and where they have placed in the last 2 years. If you have not placed in the top 5 in any of the major crappie trails (excluding CUSA Pro or Amateur division and 2022 ACT amateur events) in the last two years and have not won $5,000 or more in the last two years, you may fish both.

Example 1: You have fished all major trails but in the last two years have not earned $5000 or more AND have never finished in the top 5 in any of the major events. You would qualify to fish either OR both of our events.

Example 2: You fished an ACT amateur event in 2022 and you won $2,000.00 and this was your only winnings during 2022 and 2021. You can fish NCL Division I events and/or Open Division events.

Example 3: You fished two ACT amateur events in 2022 and won. You won a total of $5,000.00 combined. You can NOT fish NCL Division I events.

Are both divisions’ events happening at the same time?

No. Each tournament is either a Division I tournament or an Open tournament. They do not happen at the same time. The only time a Division I and Open Division tournament is going on at the same time is during the championship.

What qualifies me for the championship?

• Placing in the top 5 of any NCL event will qualify you for the championship in that division.

Example: Placing 5th in a Division I tournament qualifies you in the Division I Championship.

Example: Placing 4th in an Open Division tournament qualifiers you for the Open Division Championship.

• Fishing 3 NCL Division I events qualify you for the Division I Championship. Fishing 3 NCL Open Division events qualifiers you for the Open Division Championship. You must fish 3 events in a division to qualify for championship in that division.

Example: If you fish 2 Div I events and 1 Open event, you do not automatically qualify for the championship in either division.

• Points system will determine remaining spots invited to the championship.

• Bump down will occur for Championship qualification.

Example: You fish a tournament and place 7th. If two of the top 5 have qualified already, the bump down would be to 7th place and you would qualify for the championship in that division.

What if I qualify for both the Division I and Open Division championship?

• You will have to declare which division you are competing in at the national championship. You can not enter and fish both divisions at the championship.

How are the points going to work for the Angler Team of the Year?

• Each division will have an Angler Team of the Year, which is the points of their best 4 tournaments plus their points from placement at the championship.

How are the points going to work for qualifying for the championship?

• Once those that have qualified by finishing in the top 5 at an event or fishing 3 events, the remaining championship field will be invited by their finish in the points race of their top 4 finishes in the division that they have fished.