Sanders and Holleman Win

National Crappie League
Tournament at Ouachita River-Poverty Point


National Crappie League Ouachita River-Poverty Point Open Tournament Report:
The weather was nice with light wind and sun on day one turning cloudy with wind and rain on Championship Sunday.
1st ouachita river national crappie league
Ist place team Sanders and Holleman


Ist place team Sanders and Holleman fished Poverty Point coves. They had not prefished, so day one was to learn the water and fish locations, moving around and eventually locking in on the areas they found big fish. Fishing ATX1″ Baby Shads on Slab Syndicate hand ties, they caught 4 good fish on day one and fished the same area day two. The bite was on fire in the morning on day two giving them similar weights both days.

2nd Ouachita Open National Crappie League
2nd Place Team Cliff and Alissa Bammes


Cliff and Alissa Bammes fished Poverty Point in the middle of the lake starting off with two over 2 pounds by 7am. The fish were tight to the bottom, so seeing them was a problem at times. The bite was on and off, with no expected better afternoon surge. The wind took its toll on their batteries as it did for most teams. The hot bait was a Pro Tuff monkey milk with a white tail fished with Canine line on HH rods.

NCL Ouachita River 3rd place - Lamar Bunting
Third place Lamar Bunting


In third place, Lamar Bunting was single poling using Ozark Rods, Bobby Garland jigs, Snacky lures, Pro Tuff, and Maxis. He stayed on the trolling motor all day covering a lot of water. His batteries also took a beating, so he changed one out to extend his day by an hour catching his best fish in that period of time.

Two of the top ten day-one teams didn’t weigh in on day two allowing some upward movement in the final of the remaining field.
Jordan Sanders and Jason Holleman took home the first place trophy and a check for $7500!
2nd place team Cliff and Alissa Bammes had Big Fish for an extra $2000.00 and top male/female team for an extra $300.00.
Lamar Bunting took 3rd place and 2nd big fish for an additional $300.00.
The Dannenmeullers were top seniors for $300.00.
8th place team Trey and Tucker Underwood were the top adult/ youth team for an extra $300.
Lamar Bunting took 3rd place and took home 2nd big fish for an additional $300.00.

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